As the only email marketing tool created for booksellers exclusively, Edelweiss360 was developed to combat the unique obstacles indie booksellers face.

This training page brings together key documentation for 360 subscribers, as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of the tool.

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1. Getting Started with Edelweiss360

Edelweiss360 enables booksellers to bring the store experience to their customers’ inboxes with targeted email marketing. Get started by familiarizing yourself with the main features of 360, the ins and outs of POS integration, and how to manage access for your staff. 

Understanding Edelweiss360

Learn how 360 leverages Edelweiss title data—with your store’s own unique data—to simplify staying in touch with customers.

360-Compatible POS Systems

Access a list of compatible POS systems and learn more about the integration process.

Accessing 360 & Assigning Privileges

Discover where to find Edelweiss360 functions on the site, plus how other staff members can access the tool, too.

2. Completing Initial Steps and Setting Preferences

Before diving into campaign creation, explore these important first steps to adjust various settings to your liking, choose default customization options, and supplement any customer lists we may receive from your POS system.

Setting Up Defaults & Preferences

The Edelweiss360 Setup Wizard will walk you through your basic settings and preferences, but you can also modify them anytime on the Preferences page.

Uploading Customer Lists

If your store doesn’t track customer purchases or if you’d like to supplement POS-supplied info, upload contacts by spreadsheet.

Sharing a Signup Link

Enable customers who may not have shopped with you or shared their email address to subscribe to your 360 campaigns via a unique signup link.

Domain Authentication

Ensure that emails sent through Edelweiss360 reach your customers and stay out of spam folders by adding the 360 mail server as an authorized sender for your domain, or use our pre-authorized default "from" address.

3. Creating & Sending Campaigns

Campaign creation is what it’s all about! Learn the elements of a campaign, the steps to create one, how to target customers for the best results, and more. 

Creating a Campaign

Use the Campaign Builder to create tailored customer communications.
Need campaign ideas? Click here!

Adding & Sharing Events

Get more eyes on your store’s upcoming events by featuring them in your campaigns.

Adding Collections to Campaigns

Want to share multiple curated lists in one campaign? Pull in collections created in Edelweiss.

Finding & Sharing Your Staff Reviews in 360

Locate titles your staff has loved and share your store’s expert recommendations.

Using Title Blurbs

Write your own or import a title’s description from Edelweiss with just one click.

Adding to Campaigns from the Catalog View

Learn how to build a campaign while viewing a catalog and save time during the buying process.

Targeting Customers

Targeted campaigns are associated with higher conversion rates. Make the most of 360’s targeting capabilities to show customers more of what they want to see and less of what they don’t. 

4. Additional Tools, Tips, & Tricks

Take advantage of marketing tools and promotional opportunities that will help you get the most of out of your subscription to Catalog Services.

Adding Sidelines & Uploading Jacket Covers

See options for uploading cover images and including sideline items from your POS system.

Creating Custom E-Commerce URLs

If desired, override your default settings with a custom E-commerce link. 

Tracking Your Edelweiss360 Campaign Results

Monitor campaign open rates, click rates, conversions to sales, and more.

Tagging Customers in 360

Keep your customer list organized and add to your targeting options by tagging customers.

Unsubscribing Customers

If needed, unsubscribe customers from emails yourself.

Optimizing Your Emails

Explore the "anatomy" of a good email to boost customer engagement.

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