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Welcome to your free trial of Basecamp! Below, you’ll find links to all the resources you need to integrate your ILS data and receive your first State of the Collection report.


Your library has a free trial of Basecamp! During this time, you’ll activate your ILS feed, receive your first Stat of the Collection Report, and enjoy many fun features within Edelweiss Analytics.

Below you’ll find links to quick setup guides and on-demand training resources to maximize your trial experience. There is no limit to the number of users your library can set up in Edelweiss, so share the love!


ILS Data

For initial setup, we’ll need a big file of circulation data and current holdings, and then we’ll need regular update files moving forward. For some ILS systems, this is just a matter of clicking a button or sending an email!
Evergreen (Equinox)

Evergreen (self-hosted)





Other ILS

Please note that if ILS data is not sent to Edelweiss within 90 days, the trial may be considered void.

Analyze & Assess

Collection Performance

In addition to the State of the Collection report, your library’s users will also receive access to additional features within Edelweiss! About a week after we receive your ILS data, you’ll recieve access to your first Stat of the Collection Report! While the report is super intutive, there are many on-demand learning resources available at the link below to ensure you get the most out of it. Contact us any time if you have questions.

Using Edelweiss Analytics Basecamp

Have staff without Edelweiss accounts? No worries, account administrators can easily set up users.

Managing Your Library’s Edelweiss Account

Action Plan

Improve Performance

The State of the Collection Report assesses your collection’s performance compared to peer libraries and raises awareness of opportunities to improve collection performance. Your first report will point you towards areas to focus to maximize the return on your effort. Next quarter, you can track progress and monitor trends!


We hope you love Basecamp and the State of the Collection report and want to continue after your trial. If your library subscribes prior to the end of your free trial, there will be no interruption of data, trending, or access.

Email to receive information about pricing or an agreement to get started. If you’re curious about what’s involved with upgrading to Summit, the top tier of Edelweiss Analytics, we can show you more about that, too!

Termination: At the end of our free trial, if you decide not to subscribe to Basecamp or Summit, online access to the digital State of the Collection report and Edelweiss Analytics features will be removed, but users will still have all the free features of Edelweiss. The library must notify their ILS vendor to stop sending Edelweiss data.

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