As sales reps, you might have some accounts who would prefer that you create the order for them and then they will sign off on it. Totally possible!

Creating an Order

  • You must be in a specific account to create an order. After choosing an account on the left-hand side of the blue markup bar, click Orders on the right-hand side of the same blue bar.
  • Give the Order a name.
  • Mark a quantity for each title to be ordered in the ovals for that account. If you have already suggested order quantities, those will appear in yellow ovals to the left.
  • The numbers you write in the orange ovals will be the actual number of titles ordered.

  • This order will automatically appear in your Active Orders. It will be designated as a Rep Created Order.
  • You can click Export Preview to download and process in the way you would process any other order.

Additional Resources

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