Your branded publisher page lends many opportunities for marketing, publicity, and company messaging.  Make the most of it!

Administration Center

To get to administrative features for your publisher page, you need to click Administration in your user profile:

Users and Roles

Before going further, it’s a good idea to know who the other catalog administrators are in your publishing house.  It’s best to only give this privilege to a handful of people. You can check out Users > Role Assignment > Catalog Administration to see who else has this privilege.

Publisher Branding

Go to Publisher Branding to see the links for Imprint Logos, Publisher Logo, and Publisher Banner:

This is where you can customize the visual aspect of your publisher page.  Make it pop! For the best marketing potential, please take advantage of both the publisher logo and banner:

If you do not have any imprints, simply ignore.  If you do have imprints, the logo will appear on title detail pages when in presentation mode:

A best practice is to look at logos of publishing houses that are similar to your own!  Get inspired!

Image specifications can be found in the administrative view, but if you need more detail for your design team, you can find them here.