Now you are ready to make your first catalog in Edelweiss+! Before you get started, be sure to:

  • ensure we’ve received your data (write to us at if you need to check)
  • create a list of ISBN’s on an Excel spreadsheet in the correct sequential order
  • make sure the Administrative View box is clicked on your publisher page

When you are ready, simply click the + sign by Create Catalog:

This triggers the Create Catalog box and directs you to classify your catalog in the following ways:


  • Create a consistent naming practice that works for both you and your buyers
  • We recommend: Name of Publishing House; Season; Year


  • You are welcome to write a brief summary that tells buyers the contents of the catalog
  • Example: Full compilation catalog with both adult and children titles


  • Inactive - Only catalog administrators can view this catalog and only on the publisher page
  • Active - Catalog is visible to everyone within the organization (and possibly all viewers - see below)
  • Archived - Catalog is no longer searchable; it appears for administrators in administrative view only


  • Internal - Only those within the organization have access to the catalog
  • All Readers- Catalog is public and discoverable

Status and Visibility together

  • Inactive/Internal - Only catalog admins can see and work in the catalog
  • Active/Internal- All users within the publishing house have access to the catalog
  • Archived/Internal - As close as you can get to deleting a catalog without actually deleting it. Admins will still have access and titles can still be added to orders, even though they are not searchable
  • Active/All Readers - Catalog is live for the public
    • Our weekly newsletter will automatically include it.
    • Once you set the catalog to this setting, don’t change settings until you are ready to archive.
    • The catalog can still be edited; you can add more titles as necessary.

Import Key

  • Ignore this!


  • The market is broken into foreign markets and three US categories.
  • Foreign markets
    • If you have sales rights, you can click as many markets as you wish.
    • Global Market refers to unique, niche markets like Puerto Rico or Dubai, for your “international” editions.
    • A title can exist in more than one market. You are welcome to create more than one catalog if only a percentage of titles have international sales rights.
  • US Markets
    • Some buyers choose to set their Edelweiss home screen to US Academic or US Christian. They will not see your titles unless you click the boxes for these markets.
    • If all markets are relevant for you, choose all three.
  • Choose markets with the buyer in mind.


  • If you have a PDF of this catalog, you can load it now.
  • When a PDF exists, you can see it here:


  • Folders are mainly an organizational tool for the administrator.
  • Keep your newly created catalogs under the default, “Featured Catalogs.”

Display Date

  • Keeping the display date clicked will let you and your buyers know when the catalog was created.

Create and Add Titles

  • Click Create and Add Titles

  • Load your ISBN’s:

When your titles are loaded, you will see them in the catalog’s Manage Titles grid.  You can “hover” over any of the attributes to find out what they represent.  Don’t worry about empty columns.  You can have good quality metadata without filling every category.

When you click the X in the upper-right hand corner of the grid, you’ll be directed to your catalog in Edelweiss.  It’s that easy!

Additional Help: