Looking for ways to create catalogs that are eye-catching, dynamic, and effective?  If you have already taken advantage of the opportunities under Title Administration, you are ready for Section Headers and Showcases!

Section Headers

Section Headers break a large catalog into manageable sections.  They are not only easy on the eye and lend natural breaks, they also help your catalog look organized and professional.

Section Headers are easy to create.

  • Go to Manage Titles catalog view
  • Click on the number of the title (not the ISBN)
  • More options of editing will appear, including Insert Section Header
  • Follow the prompts

When the section headers are “active,” the viewer has the option of sorting the catalog by sections.  Makes life a little easier!

Here’s an example of a simple header called Fiction:

Learn more about section headers here.


Showcases are similar to comps and related products.  They give the publisher an opportunity to bring similar backlist titles to the forefront.  This makes for easy ordering if the buyer takes the suggestion!

Good examples of showcases are similar books in a genre, similar biographies or authors, books in a series, etc.  Feel free to be creative!

Manage showcases in the same way as headers, but when you follow the prompts, be ready to load the ISBN’s of the titles you want to showcase.

Here’s an example of a showcase called Good Grammar Guides:

Learn more about creating Showcases here.