Publishers – Using Publicity Features

You can add Publicity to your titles from the Edelweiss+ Admin Site. You can reach it here: (be sure you’re logged in to Edelweiss + first!) or by clicking on your name at the top of any page and clicking into Administration.

There, in the Publicity portion, you can see existing publicity that you’ve added, and what you need to a specific title:

Publicity events that have been added to a title will show in that title’s listing, like so:

Once you have enough events listed, you’ll want to filter the list when viewing it, most likely. You can filter by another of options here:

You can filter by keyword, creator, etc. as well.

Add a publicity event by clicking Add Publicity, like so:

You may need to wait just a bit after clicking FIND for your title to appear.

You’ll then be asked a cascade of questions to get your publicity event to the correct spot, so to speak. Select an outlet, or add your own:

Provide the specifics, save, and you’re done!

The Event Visibility option at the bottom will either keep this publicity event private to your users on this page, or if external, visible on a title listing in Edelweiss proper.

Click here to edit or delete:You can add information via a spreadsheet, if you prefer:

It’s important that you View File Specs so you’ll be uploading a valid file.

Note that the Newsbreak option is being phased out and will disappear soon.