Bookseller – Finding People, Friends, and Communities

The simplest way to find people in Edelweiss+ is to search for them while viewing your profile, which you can reach by simply clicking on your name at the top of any Edelweiss+ screen.

You can search for people by searching for their name (first or last…or both) or by searching for them using¬†their email address. Click on their profile to either send them a message (email) or to send them a Friend Invitation. Connecting with another user as a Friend allows you to see their shelf and review activity, assuming they approve your friend request, of course.


You’ll find your own Friend Requests in your Profile here:


Or in your Notifications widget on your homepage:

When you’ve connected with someone, you’ll find them in your People page:

And their activity will be added to your Friends section of your Buzz page:

See details here about joining and interacting with your Communities!