Booksellers – Adding Desired Quantities to an Order

Once you’ve created an order (instructions found here) You’ll see this field become available, in which you can add your desired order quantities:


If you buy for multiple locations, you’ll see them listed like so:


Click in to the order field, and type the quantity you want for that title.Your order numbers are automatically saved once you leave that field, either by clicking elsewhere or by hitting the Tab key.

You’ll be able to see a fair amount of information here, including alerts to existing Edelweiss orders for this title, current on-hand and on-order information from your POS (if your store is  a Treeline Analytics subscriber).


This icon exclamation point icon next to your total order indicates that this title is currently on another Edelweiss order. Click on the icon to see which order(s):

Ordering-adding quantities 4

Add your store category here:


You can add a category for each separate store location, as well.

More information about adding and editing categories can be found here.