Booksellers – Organizing Your Catalogs and Collections with Folders

The ability to keep yourself organized is key. For those of you who use a LOT of Collections, allow us to introduce you to Catalog Folders.  It’s a bit of a new concept, this ability to store catalogs and Collections.

Note that you can also add cover images to your Collections.

In your Catalogs page, select the Collections view:


In the list of Collections that comes up, you can simply click on the Add Catalog/Collection to a Folder icon to add that Collection to as many folders as you’d like.


Just type in a folder name and hit <Enter>. You’ll see an indicator for the number of Folders attached to a Collection, as shown above.

To find these Folders, go to your Catalogs page. Your Folders will live at the bottom of your Refine/Filters area on the left hand side of your page:



If you need to edit or no longer need a folder, enter the folder and use the Delete or Rename tools at the top of the list: