Booksellers – Multi-Store Comp Title View Options

If you have multiple locations for which you buy, you can see comparable title history for each of those locations with a quick easy click:

On the far right of the title list, that will show a quick dropdown menu that shows the sales and inventory history “grid” for the one selected title, but for all locations, like so:

You can, and most likely will, choose to expand all locations for all titles using the Comp Cross Store View option in your Other Actions menu:

That action will expand every comp title to show sale and inventory history at all your locations, saving you lots of clicks.

Each horizontal line shows a different location. “S” columns (S1, S2, S3) indicate sales per each of the first 3 months after publication of this title. I1, I2, and I3 indicate the average inventory levels for this title for those first 3 months after publication. LFS is Lifetime Sales, LYS is Last Year Sales (last 12 months). OH and OO indicate the current On Hand or On Order numbers.