Booksellers – Ordering for Multiple Store Locations

Those organizations with multiple store locations can change the order in which those locations display in Edelweiss.

Click into your Settings and Preferences (the tools icon at the top of any Edelweiss page, next to your name).

There, select Multi-Store Display. Then simply drag and drop the store locations from the Hidden Stores column to the Stores column, and arrange in the order that you prefer. Then click the Save icon.

You can even hide stores. This setting is set at the user-level, so different users within an organization can hide store for which they don’t buy, for example. You also have the ability to simply hide a store, or multiple stores, when in a catalog:


**If your organization has more than one location or if you are opening a new location, please send us an email at to set up the additional locations in your account! We’ll need to know the address of each location and how you’d like each to appear in Edelweiss!

Buying for your multiple locations is as simple as adding desired quantities to each location. You’ll see a running tally of the total units ordered for all locations: