Booksellers – Viewing the Rep Suggested Orders

Reps can create suggested orders for you. If they do so, you’ll see a yellow circle with their suggested order quantity next to your own order quantity field:


If you wish to accept their suggestion, you can simply click on that yellow circle, and that suggested number will show in your order field.

If you’d like to order a different quantity, simply add whatever number of units you’d like to your order field, effectively ignoring the suggested order.

Conversely, if your rep knows you well and you trust their judgment, you can choose to accept all of their suggestions in a given catalog or title list from your Other Actions menu at the top of the screen. You’ll need to first select all the titles in that catalog, which you can do in Other Actions:


… then you can Accept Rep Suggestions. You can also choose to see rep suggestions or not. (Some buyers find suggestions distracting. Other love them…you get to choose!)

Suggested Orders can be a good way for a rep to communicate that they feel a title is worthy of a larger (or smaller) than usual order, so they can be very helpful. If you’d prefer to not see suggested orders, be sure to let your reps know!

You can filter a list of titles by Suggestions if your rep has made any:


Note: This filter will only appear if your rep has, in fact, made Suggestions. If you do not see this refinement option, your rep did not make suggestions.