Catalog Admin- Adding Fill Quantities to Displays and Dumps

Catalog Administrators can add “Fill Quantity” to the titles listed in the Related Products for their Displays and Dumps. Beyond the fact that this information can be quite helpful for retailers bringing these items into their stores, we’ve also created a one-step button that retailers can use to instantly add all those relevant titles to their orders in the appropriate quantities.

Example SKU:

Here’s how:

Fill Quantity is imported as part of the Related Products import.

For the fill quantity to appear, the following must be true.

  • ​The ONIX feed needs to have both a <ContainedItem> and a <RelatedProduct>​​ node
  • Both of these Nodes must be mapped in the ONIXNodeLists.
  • Your Related Products ONIX feed must be set up.
Example ONIX file for the SKU above:
Example ONIX Config for RelatedProducts and ContainedItem: