Catalog Admin – Finding My Title/ISBN in Edelweiss via ISBN Catalog Search

There are several possible reasons why a title or ISBN may not appear in Edelweiss’ general or advanced search results:
  1. It was very recently added to a public Edelweiss catalog:  it can take up to 24 hours for a freshly added ISBN to appear in Edelweiss search results, as we only update our search database once a day.
    • A prerequisite to this is that we also need to have processed at least a title, but preferably other core metadata for it. Even if it’s been added to a catalog (that is active and/or public — see #2 below), it may not have yet been added to our search index if we have not yet processed any ONIX data for it.
  2. The catalog it’s been added to is not Active. For a title to appear in search results for publisher users, the catalog it’s in must be Active and at least visible Internally, to that publisher. For it to appear in search results for all Edelweiss readers, the catalog it’s in must be Active and visible to All Readers.
  3. The public catalog it’s in is not set to appear in the Edelweiss market that the user is searching for the title in. The publisher’s Catalog Administrator can add market visibility to a catalog via the Edit Catalog/tools icon while in Administrative mode.
    • Note: The Edelweiss Global market is NOT an all-inclusive market; rather, it’s just another unique market. The US Trade market is currently the most widely viewed market by Edelweiss readers.
  4. The title is only listed as a related product or comp in a catalog.  Currently, we do not include any related products or comp titles in Edelweiss search results.
  5. It only appears in an individual user’s collection, which is personal and not public.

To help troubleshoot whether a specific ISBN is in a catalog and what the status of that catalog is, use the ISBN Catalog Search tool from your company’s Catalogs page:

Click on the magnifying glass icon, enter your ISBN, and then click Enter. If that ISBN is found in any of your company’s catalogs, you’ll see its catalog details below, and gain access to editing that title via the Edit Title Attributes button: