Catalog Admin – Trouble Finding Catalog Covers, Jackets Covers, or Author Images When Manually Uploaded

If you’re having trouble uploading any type of image file, run through this checklist:

1) Am I trying to upload a PDF?  Only .jpg, .png, or .gif files will work!

2) Does my image file name include any spaces? Use underscores if you need to label your file something beyond one word, or just use the ISBN as your file name, e.g. Spring_2011_Catalog.jpg or 9781234567890.png.

3) Have I added text in the contributor bio description field before attempting to load an author image? Author photos appear to the left of your contributor bio description, so if you don’t have one of those, the photo won’t appear on the site. 

4) Have I refreshed my screen lately? Doing a quick manual refresh, by clicking CTRL+R, often works wonders:  updated title details suddenly appear!