Catalog Admin – Trouble with Treeline_Biblio File Import

Every field in our Treeline_Biblio file has very specific required formatting rules or a finite list of values. Before posting your file into your edelweiss/import_data FTP folder, please confirm that all of your title records meet those required specs and that all required fields — identified by the pink column headers in our template file — have valid values.  Here’s a checklist of the most common mistakes made with this file:

  1. Invalid PubDate:  the required format is MMYYYY. Each PubDate must be formatted as text so that the leading 0 is retained for the first 9 months of the year.
  2. Missing BISAC codes
  3. Missing or invalid Binding code
  4. Prices that include $
  5. Invalid HTML
  6. Duplicate records:  each ISBN must only appear once in that file
  7. ISBN/EAN/UPC not formatted as text and/or appearing as scientific notation

Once your corrected file has been posted to the correct folder and successfully processed, you will receive an email notification confirming how many records have processed.