Changing Publications Dates for Titles with Review Copies

It’s not uncommon to change publication dates for titles in Edelweiss+. If you have a review copy posted for that title, the change may affect how long you want the review copy to be accessible to Edelweiss+ users. Don’t forget to be mindful of on-site and device expiration dates when adding or editing digital review copies, especially if publication dates change. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you don’t add an on-site expiration date, the review copy will appear to be available for download on Edelweiss indefinitely. This causes issues if device expiration is set to a specific date, as the review copy will have already expired if users attempt download on or after the device expiration date.
  • Setting a time frame (instead of a specific date) for device expiration works well! This allows users a set number of days to access a review copy after downloading it.
  • Adding an on-site expiration close to a book’s publication date helps manage access and can push readers to buy your titles.

You can access device and on-site expiration date settings on your Administration > Review Copies > Administer page. Start by clicking the pencil icon next to a title, then open the Access Management tab to change on-site expiration or the Digital Rights Mgmt tab for device expiration. If you’d like to learn more about these settings, you can find more information here.