Community – Creating a Community

Have a great idea for a Community of book lovers? Create your own! On your homepage, click the Plus (+) at the top-right of your joined Communities widget:

Next, give your new Community a name and a description that will tell other users what it’s all about. Is it an interest group for a certain genre? A group for judges determining an award/honor? For employees at a certain store or library? Something else? Make it clear.

Many Edelweiss users are part of a larger organization such as a bookstore, library, or publisher. By clicking on the toggle button, if one user from that organization joins your new Community, the other members are automatically added as well.

Once you’ve made your edits, click Submit.

Now, go back to your homepage and find your new Community under the list of Communities you’ve joined. Click the pencil icon to edit.

If this Community is specific to certain genres, click Change to select the appropriate genres.

If you’d like to limit access on who can join your Community, click Add New to add a requirement. You can make the Community only available to certain users, certain organizations, or even paste a list of email addresses.