Community Administrators: Reviews & Nominations – Email Subscriptions

Would you like to use your Community members’ reviews for nominations or some other purpose? In addition to accessing your Community’s reviews any time, you can elect to receive a weekly digest of new reviews that members have chosen to share with your Community. First, locate your Community on the People tab by refining by Your Communities.

Finding Reviews: Any Community member can access Community reviews by clicking on Reviews:

You can use the calendar icon to limit your view to a certain time period if desired. You can then browse the titles that have received reviews, like this:

To view all of the reviews by the Community, click on the plus sign next to the book title and a list of reviews will be displayed,  Just click on the text of the review to see more.

Would you like to invite other Edelweiss users to join your Community? You can send them an invitation when you create the Community, or you can invite them to an existing Community.

If your Community already exists, you can find your Community on the People tab under Your Communities:


Click the pencil icon to Edit. From the General area, click Emails:

Enter the email addresses of users you would like to invite (separate multiple emails with commas).

When you add email addresses here, users will receive a notification within Edelweiss. If they have subscribed to email notifications, your invitation will also be included in an email alert.

Receive a Weekly Digest: Only Community Administrators can set up email addresses to receive a weekly digest of member reviews. When viewing their Community, Community Administrators will see an Edit icon:

Click on Digest. Toggle “Subscribe to email” and add your email address. (Multiple email addresses should be separated by commas.) Click Save.