Community – Your Request Profile

Some review copies are available only by request. You’ll notice the little hand icon on titles such as this:

The publisher reviews each request and then approves or denies it. Publishers have different marketing goals for each title. That means that they may be most interested in certain types of book professionals having the ability to preview the title prior to publication.

First, make sure that your profile is complete and current. Your profile is included in every request you make. It includes things like your role, links to blogs or websites, social media accounts, etc. View/Edit it at any time by clicking on your avatar in the top right:

When you request a title, you’ll also provide detail on why you’d like that particular title. It’s in your best interest to clearly state how you having access to the review copy can benefit them.


Don’t be discouraged if you’re not approved for every title you request! Keep trying, and don’t forget that there are many titles available to download immediately, without needing to request them first. You can also improve your chances of being accepted by improving your profile. Learn more about improving your profile.