Creating a Header/Footer Template

Header/Footer Templates are optional but can add to the overall look of your documents, help with organizing sections, etc. To create a new Header or Footer Template, select Header/Footer on your Templates page and click Create New

…or choose from the list of available Common Templates. Learn more about using Common Templates here.

If building your own header/footer template, name the template, pick the Folder you’d like to keep it in (optional), set the Orientation, Size, and Height.

Once these are complete, click Save.

Your newly-created template will drop into the folder in which you’ve placed it, or in the Unfiled section — locate it & click on either the name of the Template or the Edit/Manage icon to begin working on it.

Header/Footer Templates can contain the name of your organization, certain information about a catalog or collection, an image (your organization’s logo, for example), and more.

Watch the short video below to learn how to create both a Header Template with simple static text and static image elements, as well as a Header Template with dynamic elements, like Document Name and Page Number. The video also demonstrates how to use multiple Header Templates in one document and how to add a Footer template. Note that the process for adding a Footer Template is exactly the same as a Header.

As shown in the video, you’ll have the option of using both a Header and a Footer in your Documents.

Change out individual pages’ Headers and/or Footers by clicking the icons shown below:

Remove a Header or Footer here: