Creating a Header/Footer Template

Header/Footer Templates are optional but can add to the overall look of your documents. To create a new Header Template, select Create New Header/Footer Template on your Templates page.

Name the template, set the Size, Orientation, and Height, and pick the Folder you’d like to keep it in (optional).

Once these are complete, click Save.

Your newly-created Header Template will drop into the folder in which you’ve placed it, or in the Unfiled section — locate it & click on either the name of the Template or the Edit/Manage icon to begin working on it.

Header/Footer Templates can contain the name of your organization, certain information about a catalog or collection, an image (your organization’s logo, perhaps), and more.

Watch the short video below to learn how to add a pretty basic element, Static Text, to a Header or Footer Template.

The next video demonstrates how to use multiple elements in a Header or Footer Template.

Once you’ve begun working on a Document, you’ll have the option of using both a Header and a Footer, if you’d like.