Custom Data Elements

Find a brief video on Custom Data Elements here.

If you would like to include data that isn’t already available by default in Designer, the solution is to create a Custom Data Element.

On the Designer homepage, click on the Data tab and select Create New Custom Element.

In the resulting window, name your data element, make the appropriate selection in the Data Type dropdown, and click Save.

This first step just creates the “container” for the custom data — uploading the actual data will come later.

Next, open a template to which you’d like to add the custom data. Add a new Design Block or click on an existing one and click Add New Content Block. 

Here, select Custom Element.

Next, choose the element you created in the prior step from the dropdown list as shown below. Style as you wish!

Navigate to your Documents page. Select a document that uses the template where you’ve just added a custom data element. Once there, select Custom Data Elements: 1.

In the next window, select Click anywhere to view/edit to open the next page, where you’ll upload an Excel file. Note that your Excel file should have two columns – one for ISBN and one for the corresponding data. 

Once successfully uploaded, the custom data will appear throughout your document. Sometimes a screen refresh is necessary — if you don’t see the data, refresh the page or close and re-open the document.