Digital Review Copies on an iPad or iPhone with PocketBook Reader

New to reading digital review copies on an Apple device? We recommend the PocketBook Reader app.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the PocketBook Reader app from the app store. It looks like this: 
  2. Once downloaded, open the app, agree to the terms of use, and enter an email address to create your PocketBook account. Continue through the registration prompts. Once you’ve entered your password, you’ll be taken to the “PocketBook Cloud” home screen. 
  3. Click on Settings in the lower right corner, and under Accounts select Adobe DRM. This is where you will either create your Adobe ID or log in with an already existing Adobe ID.  **we recommend creating  your Adobe ID before logging into PocketBook**
  4. Click on the plus sign in the top right corner of the page. On the resulting page, click Create Adobe ID, or log in with an existing Adobe account. (If Adobe takes you to a 404 Error Page, don’t be alarmed – this is a broken link on Adobe’s site, but your account has been created!)
  5. In PocketBook, enter your newly-created Adobe credentials (or your existing credentials if you didn’t have to set up a new account).***IMPORTANT STEP TO NOTE***  On the Adobe sign-in page of PocketBook, you must select Adobe ID in the “Adobe DRM Vendor” drop-down list, found above the email address field or your Adobe login credentials will fail.Once you are signed in here, your Adobe ID is officially connected. This is a one-time-only step!
  6. Open Edelweiss+ (preferably, in Safari) and head over to the review copies page. (Or, click the Download button in an approval email). 
  7. Click the green Download button & select Read Now. You’ll see a box like this (below). Make sure Standard Format is selected and click Continue.
    You’ll then see a box like this (below). Click Download!
  8. Next to the address bar in your browser, click the down-arrow to open your recent downloads. There you will find the file you’ve just downloaded (which will be the title’s ISBN). Click on the file.
  9. Next, you’ll see what appears to be a page of HTML. Not to worry. Select the Share icon, shown below, and choose Copy to PocketBook.
    Voila! Your book should now be ready to read in PocketBook.

Watch a video on the process of downloading to Pocketbook after you’ve set up your Adobe ID.


Get more help with Adobe Digital Editions here.

If you have issues seeing the PocketBook Reader as a download option on your device, see additional troubleshooting information here.

Tip: To make accessing the Edelweiss website quick and easy, add a link to your device’s home screen:

1. Open Safari on your device and visit the Edelweiss+ website: 

2. Tap the Actions icon in the Safari toolbar and select Add to Home Screen.