Edelweiss Designer Release Notes

Release 02/22/2024

  • Fixed bug with “Remove Leading Article” option in the Index that was removing the leading article from the subtitle
  • Fixed bug with HTML not rendering correctly if it is within a title name

Release 12/11/2023

  • Upgraded the functionality for managing Static Text in templates. Users can choose now whether to edit the Static Text in a simple input field or an HTML editor.

Release 11/15/2023

  • Fixed bug with presentation mode
  • Fixed bug when creating a new template that could allow for multi page spread and multiple titles per page in the same template

Release 10/27/2023

  • Updated to improve Powerpoint rendering to more closely match the online/PDF document representations including better font size matching and elimination of extra spacing between paragraphs

Release 10/20/2023

  • Added the option for templates / indices that have more than 1 title per page for the titles to flow down and then across in order

Release 10/17/2023

  • New system for managing Document permissions introduced – documents must now be “checked out” in order to be edited and additional controls put in place to make sure that the most up-to-date document is always being displayed when editing a document

Release 10/4/2023

  • Added the ability to input the numeric CatalogID to assign to a document when the autocomplete find function is not showing the desired catalog or collection

Release 10/2/2023

  • Fix and UI improvement to the function that converts a Document’s underlying catalog to an editable collection
  • Added ability to edit the name of the new collection and error handling if the name is a duplicate
  • Documents now remain open when the collection is created so the user doesn’t need to re-enter the document
  • Changed Template style management UI to show the actual “inherited” style

Release 9/27/2023

  • Better styling overrides for elements within a document, incorporating the ‘default’ style into the view
  • Fixed bug with how Saved Snippets were being saved

Release 9/12/2023

  • Added ability to select centimeters as units of measure for individual title dimensions

Release 9/11/2023

  • Added customization options and improved rendering for borders around images
  • Fixed problem with bleeds when document bleed specifications differ from template bleed specification
  • Fixed PowerPoint creation bug from slideshow for users not logged into Edelweiss

Release 9/7/2023

  • Static Text elements are now editable in a Document
  • Added functionality to conditionally show publication dates based on the current date

Release 8/31/2023

  • Added ability to round dimension decimals (i.e., not have it be 1/2)

Release 8/29/2023

  • Bug fix – presentations not loading on Edge browser
  • Added functionality for clicking on a template before a working title has been selected. Will now open the Working Title drawer and then open the template after a working title is selected.

Release 8/22/2023

  • Introduced document and template search functionality

Release 8/17/2023

  • Added auto-save functionality for templates
  • Added “Undo/Redo” functions when editing templates
  • Introduced the concept of “inherited” styles. Design blocks may be set to use styles set at the template level, but individual styles can still be used.
  • Changed the method for accessing templates within a Document
  • Restricted users from changing other user’s templates (they may still copy a template)
  • Powerpoint styling clean-up