Edelweiss360 – Access & Navigation

All publishers that subscribe to Edelweiss Catalog Services have access to the basic version of Edelweiss360. By default, catalog and user admins will be granted access. Other users within the organization must be given the Edelweiss360 privilege by their account’s user admin(s) in order to access. (User admins, learn more here.)

If you’ve been granted Edelweiss360 access, you will see the link to Edelweiss360 at the top left of your screen:


You can also access Edelweiss360 on your Catalogs/Collections pages:

Within a catalog on a specific title:

Or even when looking at a Contact:

Edelweiss360 Home

The Edelweiss360 homepage is your command center. You can access it in one click from anywhere in 360. From here, you can go to:

  • Recent: See items that you’ve recently viewed 
  • Contacts: Access individuals on your contact lists
  • Authors: Access authors you’ve associated with your titles
  • Communities: Access the communities within Edelweiss and analyze their group engagement 
  • Search: Input keywords to search for Catalogs, Accounts, Titles, or Users (Premium subscribers only)
  • Tracked: Locate all of the items that you’re tracking and see a ticker of activity (Premium subscribers only)
  • Tags: Find all the items that you’ve tagged (Premium subscribers only)


To find an item of interest within 360, select one of the search options from the menu on the left: Catalogs, Accounts, Titles, or Users. Search by keywords and then select the item of interest.


Edelweiss360 is designed to be easy and interactive, with links that allow you to investigate and dig deeper but then quickly return to where you started. Wherever you see blue hyperlinked text, you can click to access, take some action, or access some ‘help’ information. From any page, you can easily get back to the Edelweiss Central Page by clicking the 360 logo.

The ‘Recently Viewed By You’ section of the main page shows you the last 50 items you’ve viewed. Just click to go back again!