Edelweiss360 – Accounts

With 360 you can see activity for an overall account and how they have interacted with your titles! An “account” in this case is an overarching organization, ie a store, library, publisher group, etc. As opposed to users who are the individuals who can make up an account.

Click the Accounts tab on the left to search:

When you view an Account you’ll see a visual summary of how the account’s users have interacted with your titles in Edelweiss. The fully filled in portions of the graphs show the percentage of how many of their users have posted a review, added to their shelves, and downloaded a title, and the green portion starting at 12 o’clock indicates which of those are your titles. The graph on the right shows the percentage of the account’s users who are in at least one of your colleague’s contact lists:

Under Users, you can see a list of all the account’s users, including how long they’ve been on Edelweiss and details about their engagement with your titles (reviews, shelves, downloads, etc.). Note: Premium users will see information for all users. Non-subscribers will see user information if they are familiar with at least one of the account’s users (i.e. on a Contact list or has reviewed/downloaded a title in the past). 

Drill down to see more detail on the Reviews or Downloads by the Account’s users. All of this information can be very helpful in determining which users within an account may be able to influence orders!