Edelweiss360 – Catalogs

Edelweiss360 allows publishers to view activity surrounding their catalogs in Edelweiss. You can access a catalog by searching in Edelweiss360 for the catalog’s name or by clicking the Edelweiss360 icon from a catalog in Edelweiss.

The Summary shows a breakdown of who has viewed your catalog – by user type and whether they are in your organization’s users’ Contact lists (i.e. if they are known to your staff). You can also easily see how viewership has trended over time and, at-a-glance, view the number of reviews, orders, downloads, and shelved titles (titles that have been placed on a user’s Shelf in Edelweiss). Click into any blue hyperlinked text to drill down further or access a list that can be exported.

On the left, if you click into Viewers, you can see a list of registered users who have viewed your catalog in Edelweiss. You’ll see their name, account name, type of user, when they viewed it last, and how many times they viewed it. Note: If you are not an Edelweiss360 Premium subscriber, you will only see user information for users that are already known to you (i.e. those who are on your Contacts list or have reviewed/downloaded one of your titles in the past).

The Titles page shows a breakdown of stats for every title within the catalog. You’ll see the number of downloads (if posted as a digital review copy on Edelweiss), reviews, tags, etc. From here, you can also click into each title to view title-specific details.

Under Shares, you can see who has shared your catalog with others – including your reps! Premium subscribers can see who the catalog was shared with and if those users actually looked at the catalog.

In Benchmarks, you can see how your catalog’s activity and engagement compare to other catalogs on Edelweiss during a similar timeframe.