Edelweiss360 for Marketing

Edelweiss360 surfaces new data about your titles and catalogs in Edelweiss – such as views, shares, downloads, reviews, shelves, orders, and more. All in one place! It also allows publishers to identify influencers in the Edelweiss community that may help them reach marketing goals. Marketing folks can use Edelweiss360 to:

Monitor Key Performance Indicators for their title marketing, such as reviews, downloads, and users that add the title to their Shelves in Edelweiss.

Measure engagement with titles across an entire catalog with ease.

Access lists of “Targets,” influencers that may be interested in your titles, and reach out to them through Edelweiss.

Edelweiss360 Premium subscribers are able to reach out to all users in a list at the click of a button:


Join the Edelweiss marketing director as she walks through some of her favorite features to increase marketing effectiveness. Watch the short video here.

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