Edelweiss360 – Basic vs. Premium

For publishers who subscribe to Edelweiss Catalog Services, many features of Edelweiss360 are complimentary, including the monitoring of activity around their titles and catalogs. This is the basic version of Edelweiss360.

Publishers may choose to upgrade to the Premium version. Premium features allow publishers to maximize the impact of sales and marketing by suggesting potential prospects, enabling outreach to targets, and improving workflows through activity tracking and internal notes. Watch a short video about Edelweiss360 Premium here.

Publishers who do not subscribe to the Premium version of Edelweiss360 will see a yellow Upgrade button where features are limited. For example, only Premium subscribers can:

  • Track items in Edelweiss for easy monitoring (users, accounts, communities, catalogs, and titles):

  • Access lists of Targets that may be ideal influencers for that title based on the users’ past engagement with similar titles:

  • Utilize Edelweiss tags for simplified workflows:

  • View which users have put the title on their Shelves in Edelweiss:

  • Search the Edelweiss community for individual users:

  • View and/or message users who are not already a Contact and/or have not reviewed/downloaded one of their titles in the past (i.e. are not already known to the publisher):


Learn more about upgrading here.