Edelweiss360-Supplying Retail 360 Users with Blurbs

Retailers are sending targeted emails to their customers using their own version of Edelweiss360. In that process, they can add blurbs to titles they feature, whether an editable catalog copy from Edelweiss, staff reviews, custom text, or blurbs that you add in for them. As anyone who is building a newsletter knows, having great and easily available content to plug in is a hugely appreciated time-saver. Plus, you adding in a great blurb offers up your team’s expertise when your titles are marketed by these stores.

To get there, click on the Edelweiss360 link at the top left of any Edelweiss page. In the 360 module screen, you’ll see a link to the CCM (Collaborative Consumer Marketing) Portal.


If your publisher is a CCM participant (more here) you’ll see your “Boosted” titles listed. To add a blurb, click here:

Add your text and it will be readily available for your retail customers to use to market your book!