Edelweiss360 – Titles

One of the most exciting things about Edelweiss360 is tracking activity surrounding your titles!

Click the Titles tab on the left to search:

When you look at a title in Edelweiss360, you will see a Summary:

Here you can monitor downloads, reviews, and orders over time. Did you run a big marketing campaign last month? Measure the impact on orders! You can also see, at-a-glance, the number of reviews, users who placed the title on their Shelves in Edelweiss, and downloads – each broken out by type of user. Note: The Shelf Link at the top will show for subscribers of Edelweiss Analytics.

Note¬†that data points on the “Activity Over Time” graph show what percentage of activity (downloads, reviews, or orders) took place during the selected week. It will appear as a decimal, but represents a percentage (i.e. .385 = 38.5%).

On the left, you can click into Reviews, Shelves, Downloads, and Targets.

The Reviews tab will show a list of all the users that have reviewed your title. Note that there are usually more reviews of a title if it has been posted as a digital review copy on Edelweiss. (If a user did not elect to share their review with the publisher, their review and name will be hidden.) You can click on users to see their profile or message them in Edelweiss.

If a title was posted as a digital review copy on Edelweiss, Downloads will show a list of users that have downloaded the title. Click on users to see their profile or message them in Edelweiss.

Premium subscribers can also see the following:

  • Shelves: What users have placed this title on their Shelves in Edelweiss (Highly Anticipating, Anticipating, Finished Reading, etc.).

  • Targets: A list of potential prospects for the title. This is based on how users have interacted with comparable titles in the past. These users may be interested in your title – whether to review, order, or influence in some way.

  • Notes: Make personal or organizational notes about a title.

Learn more about upgrading here.