Edelweiss360 – Users

While it’s not the only place in Edelweiss you can access user information, it’s certainly handy to access it directly from Edelweiss360! With a Premium 360 subscription you can access a user’s information from any list of reviews, downloads, shelves, viewers, contacts, or account users.

On the user Summary, you’ll see many basic stats that summarize how the user has engaged with your catalogs and titles in the past. You can also drill down to see past messages, catalog views, reviews, and downloads. From here, you can message the user within Edelweiss if desired.

If you’re using the free version you will see user information if you are familiar with at least one of the account’s users (i.e. on a Contact list or has reviewed/downloaded a title in the past). This includes how long they’ve been on Edelweiss, and details on their activity. The first number in their Lifetime Activity is going to be the total number of reviews, shelves, or downloads, they’ve done across Edelweiss for all publishers, and the percentage in parenthesis is how much of that engagement is with your titles. Premium users can click the envelope icon next to a user to message them directly here too.

If the user has been linked as an author to a title in Edelweiss, you’ll also see Works (their published titles!) and Events.