Exporting Orders into Batchline (UK Booksellers)

Exporting Orders into Batchline (UK Booksellers) 

This process is an important part of ordering. Once you’ve shared your completed ordered with your rep, they will place it with the distributor, and it will be on its way to your shop. But at this point, Batchline isn’t aware of this order. This means you won’t be able to see what books are on order, you won’t be able to allocate pre-orders to customers and, when it comes in, the whole order will show as AutoNoPo. So, to ensure that Batchline remains informed, you can export the order from Edelweiss, import it into Batchline and transmit it to print. 

First, build an order from a catalogue, complete it, and share it with your rep. Then, from Orders, select export preview on the relevant order: 



Make sure the Export Format is set to Batchline Manual Order then press download: 

Now go to Batchline and select Manual Ord from the left hand tool bar. The options should be automatically set but, if they’re not, you want Manual Stock Order checked under Manual Order Type and Batch Entry Mode checked under Entry Mode.  Select the relevant distributor/ publisher under Supplier and press Ok. 

Now select Import from File from along the top options bar  


Choose your exported file and it will begin the import 



Once all the titles have loaded, press Process Manual Order  



Once the green Status Bar has loaded, Press Complete Manual Order 



In the resulting window, always select New Order– You don’t want to add all these on-order titles to an Existing Order of re-orders. 



Now when you go to the Orders screen you will see your order is present and ready to transmit. But since this Order is already on-order thanks to your Rep, you don’t want to transmit electronically (EDI), which would land you with double the books (double the bill!). So, you want to set the transmission method to Print. 

To do this, press the Order then select Edit from along the top bar of options. In the resulting window, drop down the options beside Transmission Method and select Print. Now Save and X out of this window.  


Now you press Transmit Order without fear of it reaching the supplier (for the second time), but certain in the knowledge Batchline will have all the relevant data on the books you have on order. 


It’s important that when the Print menu opens you press Cancel– you don’t actually need the physical order details, and it will be quite a number of pages. Cancelling printing doesn’t affect the transmission, your order has been transmitted and Batchline, you and your team have all the information you need from the Order placed in Edelweiss.  


Now, if you check a title from that Order, you will see it has a stock record and will show as On-order. When the order arrives at your shop you’ll can book it in as normal. Happy buying! 

There is also some category mapping which you can do in Edelweiss which means all the books will already be categorized when they come into Batchline. See details here.