Librarians – Understanding Event Grids


The Event Grids look a lot like the catalogs or any other title list in Edelweiss+. You can find full documentation about navigating a catalog here, including expanding content, filters, and sorts, etc.

There are a few notable differences between the Grid list and a catalog page:


1- Grid Stats: Number of Titles on this grid, number of Requests you’ve made, the Submit button, and an Archive button.

2-Make Request: The area in which you can add the specifics of your request. Details about making a request can be found here.

3-Tour Information: Information provided by the publisher. Different publishers provide different information, but they’ll generally tend to add the name fo the author touring, planned tour locations, etc. The planned tour locations can be helpful, even if you don’t see your city listed. For example, the above image shows Denver as a tour location, so all Denver stores know their requests will be considered, while other Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico, etc. stores and libraries can mention their proximity to Denver in their request ‘sales pitch.’ It can only help.

Be sure to take note of any Comparable Titles here, too. Your performance with an author’s previous titles is pretty crucial information when making your request, or when deciding if you should make a request.

While event grids tend to be posted quite early on in the sales/publication process, you will likely still see some Buzz activity on titles. In fact, you can sort the list according to shelf or review activity to see those titles that are already garnering some pre-publication attention.


Tags, Notes, etc. work in the grids like elsewhere on the site, so you can easily add notes and alerts to your coworkers, or to your future self. You can even filter this list by titles with Tags and Notes, or even by Event Requests.