Librarians – Making Notes

The Notes option is where you can attach your own notes to a title. This gives you an area to write something specific about a title and in greater detail than a tag. By default, your colleagues will be able to see these notes, and you also may optionally share these with your rep by making particular notes visible to them.


When looking at a particular title, click on the Note pencil icon, type your message in the box, and save it. At the bottom of this page you will see the option to make your note visible to your publisher contacts as well.

Don’t forget to Save!

If you select the make visible to publisher contacts option shown above, the note will also be visible to your rep when you save this note. If you wish to share future notes by default, you can also check Make this visibility the default for future notes. Only the rep for the publisher that reps this title will see your note.

Keep in mind, notes are not searchable, so you may want to use a combination of Notes and Tags to track these. Using a general tag alerting you or other staff members that a more detailed note exists can be helpful.

You can also filter any title list by Notes. So, if a coworker has left a note on some titles in a catalog, you can now “Refine” to see just those titles:


If you’re viewing a catalog or title list that includes Notes or Tags, whether your tags and notes or those created by your colleagues, you’ll see a little alert on the top right of the page:


Clicking on one of those indicators will show a pop-up with those titles and their Notes listed like so:


Clicking on a title there will take you right to that title in the list.