Librarians – Using One Order with Multiple Catalogs

It’s very likely that you’ll want to add titles from different catalogs to an order, whether it’s titles from both an adult and a kids catalog, or a frontlist “Omni” catalog and a drop-in catalog, this is a pretty common scenario.

This is very easy to do. After creating an order, simply make sure that the correct order is selected as your Active Order at the bottom of a catalog page:

ordering-using one order for multiple catalogs 1

If you’re not able to select the order you are looking for, you may have bound it to a specific catalog, other than the one in which you’re working. You can change that by going to your Orders page and editing that order:

ordering-using one order for multiple catalogs 2

Select multiple catalogs by holding your keyboard’s CTRL key while selecting your desired catalogs, or simply select All catalogs. Return to the catalog from which you’d like to order and select this order from your Active Order list. Binding an order to a publisher, but to All catalogs tends to just make things as simple as possible, as you won’t be able to accidentally add another publisher’s titles to the order, but can add a title from any of this bound publisher’s catalogs, all willy-nilly.