Manually Editing DRC Title Data

In most instances, bibliographic information for your titles will be fed by your publisher or distributor, so when you upload a Digital Review Copy, all of that information will be automatically present for the related title. If Edelweiss has not received a data feed for a title, you will need to manually upload the metadata for your DRCs, or ask your publisher / distributor to send it over.

If you’d like to manually add title information, you can after adding your new ISBN to a catalog, then editing in the listing’s Title Administration screen. Here’s more on the process! You can also add information on your Review Copies > Administer page (info below).

Note that these methods should be used if (and only if) Edelweiss has not received a data feed for a title. If we do receive a feed with your titles’ bibliographic data, edits and updates should be completed within that feed rather than manually within Edelweiss to avoid updates being overwritten / undone by a future feed.

Once a title’s DRC is uploaded, you’ll see it listed in the Recently Imported section of your Review Copies administration page:

Click on the Edit icon (the pencil next to the title) to manually update all aspects of your Review Copy’s title data.

*Again, this tool/icon is only available if we have not received a feed for this title.

In the window that pops up, you’ll see a number of tabs available, all of which allow you to add as much information as you’d like for the title.

Each screen/tab will have a Next button to make it easier to move from page to page. You can also select specific tabs!

You can (and should!) add images when relevant, BISAC categories, Key Selling Points, Author Biographies, Comparable Titles, and all the other important information to provide your customers and readers with a complete listing.

Once completed, be sure to Save to allow your title to be immediately updated.

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