Publisher Admins – Including Comp Titles and Related Products in a Template

A Sub Template is a template within a template. These are used to include comparable or related titles within a larger template. Here are the steps to create them:

  1. Make a new template that displays only the data elements you want included for the related products (e.g. jacket cover, ISBN, title). This will be your sub-template. Note: In most cases, you will be better off choosing or creating a smaller template, similar to 12 or 15 per page, as it will have to fit inside another template. You can also use a single page, keeping included elements small in size.
  2. Create a new main template, or open an existing template in which you would like the related products or comp titles to appear
  3. Add a New Element to the template
  4. Select “Sub Template” from the “Design Elements” drop-down menu
  5. Type” on the Edit Fonts, Colors, Formatting Menu selects whether you would like the sub template to show Related Products or Comp Titles.
  6. Also, pick whether you want the books to display horizontally (this works well if your sub-template is an image with the content below) or vertical (more of a list), and the maximum titles you want to show
  7. Select the sub-template you created in Step #1. Place the element and Save to include the sub-template in your primary template.