DRC Billing & Invoicing

At the beginning of each month, one of your DRC Admins will receive an emailed invoice itemizing your account’s upload fees from the previous month, as well as any outstanding balance owed; this will also state your payment options.  For brand new DRC publishers, you will also receive your annual fee invoice at the beginning of the second month you’ve incurred any upload/download fees (if you don’t subscribe to Edelweiss catalog services, too).

Go to your Administration page (https://admin.edelweiss.plus/) and then Review Copies > Manage Billing

Billing information can also be accessed from your Profile & Account: 

We only charge once per ISBN for DRC uploads, so you can easily update / replace existing DRCs without incurring additional fees.

If you have any billing questions, please contact support@abovethetreeline.com.


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