Sales Rep – Exporting and Importing Contacts

**Only users connected to publisher organizationss have a contacts page. Retail, library, and individual accounts will not have this option. If you need to share an order with your rep, they will need to add you on their end first!

You can easily export your contacts if you’d like to save them in a file or pass them along to another colleague, etc.

You can also import contacts from Excel, or a comma-delimited (CSV) file from another program, provided you can create an Excel file or CSV file with the correct columns and headers.

Note that the order of the columns doesn’t actually matter, as long as the header names are there. The column headers you should include in an Excel file are listed below. In a CSV file, the first row should consist of the columns headers. The header names need to be identical to the following:

Header Names (in bold):

First Name

Last Name

Email (an email address is required for each contact)

Organization (company / store name)



State (abbreviation)

Postal Code (zip)

Groups (groups or categories to which you would like the contact to be assigned. You may include multiple groups separated by commas, for example, “key accounts, specialty”) Here is a screenshot of a sample Excel file for comparison:

Click here to begin the process of importing your Contacts list:

You’ll be asked to select the relevant file:


If you get an error message while trying to import, you’ve most likely either misnamed a column header or included one or more contacts without an email address. Just double-check your spreadsheet for these errors and delete or correct as needed. Keep in mind that all contacts must have an email address!