Sales Rep – Exporting Orders

If your company uses the Order Management Module (OMM), please click here for instructions! Otherwise, refer to the steps below.

Exporting your orders is easy — just open your Orders page and find the order in question.

Click on the name of the order to see a catalog-like view of the order; essentially a visual purchase order that shows only the titles on the order.

To export an order, you’ll want to select Export Preview — either as shown below in the catalog-like view…


…or from the Orders page itself, as shown here.

The Export Preview screen will look like this:


Here, you can select from a number of download formats, including your own custom formats, as well as edit order details or set your view to see individual stores at multi-store accounts. If a store has multiple locations, either select one to download just the titles and quantities for that location, or select All to download a combined file.

Note: If you’d like to download an order to email or upload elsewhere, you can select Order Form (Excel).

Once you have your format and locations selected, click Download. 

The file will export and save automatically to your computer’s Downloads folder.