Sales Rep – Exporting Orders

If you are an independent/commission rep or your publisher does not utilize Edelweiss’ Order Management Module (OMM) your accounts can still share their orders with you through Edelweiss. You can then export the orders to a file and upload or send them to your publisher’s orders department.

To export orders, you’ll want to go to the Export Preview screen for the relevant order, found on your Orders page. This is how you can export orders with your quantities included.

Or click on the name of your order to see it in a catalog-type view. From there, you can enter your Export Preview screen here:


The Export Preview screen will look like so:

You’ll see your default export format, here. Note, if you’d like to download the order to email or upload elsewhere you can select Order Form (Excel). You can also create your own custom export format with the elements you need and will see those in the drop down list as well:

If your store has multiple locations, you can see the stores on the right and select the one you’d like to download the titles and quantities just for that location, or select All to download a combined file:


Once you have your format and locations selected, click Download and the file will export and save automatically to your computer’s Downloads folder: