Sales Reps – Organizing Your Collections and Catalogs with Folders

The ability to keep yourself organized is key. For those of you who use a LOT of Collections for your accounts, allow us to introduce you to Catalog Folders. You may be used to folders in the previous version of edelweiss, and the concept here is essentially the same. Note that when created, these folders automatically become visible to all users within your organization.

Note that you can also add cover images to your Collections.

In your Catalogs page, select the Collections view:


In the list of Collections that comes up, you can simply click on the Folder icon to add that Collection to as many folders as you’d like.


You’ll see an indicator for the number of Catalog tags attached to a Collection indicated by the 3 in the orange bubble in the above image.

Add a catalog to a folder while you’re viewing it, too:

Adding a folder works just like adding a tag – just type it and hit enter.

To find these Catalog Folders, you’ll need to go to your Catalogs page. They’ll be listed in the left navigation column:


To change or rename a folder, simply delete it and add in a new one.

If you need to edit or no longer need a folder, enter the folder and use the Delete or Rename tools at the top of the list: