Sales Reps – Sharing a Collection with Your Colleagues & Using Shared Collections

Sharing a Collection with your other sales rep colleagues works precisely as it does when sharing a collection with your accounts, and you do so for the same reasons. Your collection is private until you share it. So, if you’ve created a collection that you’d like to share with your colleagues so they can steal all your hard work and receive the many accolades you’re due, you can select them using the Shared With tool in your Markups toolbar at the bottom of the page while viewing your Collection:

SNAG_Program-1552Select the relevant colleagues from your Contacts list, and share it with them.

If you elect to send an email, people will be alerted there that you’ve shared a Collection with them, as well as on their Catalogs page:


If a Collection has been shared with you, make it your own by copying it. Note that a shared Collection is, technically speaking, not yours, but is only ‘viewable’ by you. When you make a copy, you make it your very own. Copy it here:

You’ll be able to copy over Markups as well if you like:

Once copied, this Collection will appear in your own list of Collections. You can then edit this new Collection as your own, updating the markup notes, editing the order of titles, and sharing with your own accounts. In this way, you can all use a little teamwork and share the workload a bit.