Sales Reps – Seeing Account User Details

Within your Contacts, you can choose to view all Accounts, which will show all of the organizations with which the folks in your Contacts list are connected.

Click into an account/organization to see all of the people who have Edelweiss accounts connected with that organization. Click here:

Click the “+” icon to add that user to your contacts list:

The “Show in Account List” option you’ll see at the top of the above window will add or remove this particular organization to/from your list of visible Accounts. Accounts are listed by default.

Note that when sharing a markup with your customers, you can either share with an individual contact or with the entire Account/Organization. When you share with an entire Account/Organization and send a markup email, the emails will only go to those individual users listed in your Contacts list, but your markup notes will be visible to everyone there.