Sales Reps- Copying Markups From Other Title Formats

Sales reps have the opportunity to copy markups from their own (or a colleague’s) prior work!

If you have a new ISBN that is the same title by the same author (like a paperback version of a hardcover), you can easily add your earlier markup notes.  The only caveat?  *The prior markup title must be in the list of comps or related products.  

  1.  Find new title in your catalog.  (Notice: no markup note!)
  2. Find the same title by the same author in another format under comps or related.
  3. Click the comparable or related title that has the markup you’re looking for.
  4. Find Markup Notes.
  5. Click the + button.
  6. You can add your own markup or a colleague’s.
  7. That work is automatically added to the current title listing’s markup where you can edit at will.