Sales Reps – Working with Your Accounts’ Event Grid Requests

While in an Event Grid, you can use a few simple filters and settings to make things a little easier on yourself. (Details about finding your grids can be found here.)

Click here to only view event requests from your own accounts, those accounts listed in your Contacts.

This refinement will quickly sift through the list to show only those titles that have Event Requests from your accounts if you’ve selected that option as shown above. If not, it will show all accounts.

See tour information here:


Event requests will show below the title:


You’ll see that account’s name, the content of the request, and the expected attendance and sales. The Internal link allows you to add a note about this request.


Other users at your publisher will see these notes, but your accounts will not. This is a great way to discuss amongst yourselves which accounts might be best suited to host a particular author.