Sales Reps – Deleting a Markup

If for any reason you need to delete a specific markup, you can do so by going to the relevant catalog or collection and clicking into the Markup portion of your blue Markup bar at the bottom of the screen. There, you’ll see the name of a markup and a trash can icon, which you can use to delete that markup.


You’ll have the chance to change your mind:



Deleting a markup will, of course, remove all of the markup notes, tags, priorities, and highlighted comparable titles associated with that markup from the view of any account or colleague with whom you’ve shared that markup. Keep in mind that if you’re simply looking to remove a markup from an account’s view, you can just¬†un-share that markup with them, rather than deleting the whole thing.



In fact, Edelweiss will ask you to un-share the markup with your accounts before you will be able to delete it.