Sales Reps – Hiding Titles

“Old” Edelweiss allowed sales reps to set a priority to “Hidden,” which would hide that title from the view of those accounts with whom they shared their markup. This is one of those things that some reps liked, but for the most part, their accounts did not. Indeed, imagine yourself as a buyer discovering that a title was completely hidden from your view. They had the ability to “Show Hidden” titles but were often annoyed at this. In fact, reps at times hid titles by accident and were not able to see those titles in their own markups. Basically, this feature led to a fair amount of confusion and frustration that is now gone.

As such, “Hidden” is not a priority setting in Edelweiss. ¬†This article will show you how to accomplish the same sort of thing in Edelweiss, but without the accompanying confusion and frustration. Yay! It just takes a few very simple and quick steps.

Here’s how:

In a catalog markup, change the Priority setting of the offending titles to “Skip.”


The easiest method here is to simply then let your accounts know that they have the option of automatically viewing titles with the Skip priority or not.


So, they can ‘hide’ those titles on their own, or view them as they wish. You and your accounts can also filter by Priority, as shown above.