Sales Reps – Markup Notes

The Markup Note is simply a space in which you can annotate a title listing. You’re generally privy to information about a title that your accounts might find useful. For example, because of the public nature of Edelweiss catalogs, many publishers don’t post their print runs in their catalog copy. This information can be quite relevant to your buyers, so you can provide it here. Many buyers have mentioned that, with those reps who write exceptional markup notes, they tend to not even look at the catalog copy, but base their decisions on their reps’ notes, clicking to expand title detail content if they have a question.


Clicking into the Note field will open a field in which you can type your markup note. You’ll also see tools that allow you to change font size, add bold and italics, color, links, images, etc. Here’s what you’ll see, as well as an example of a truly outstanding example of a quality markup note, which somehow manages to be both concise and informative:


Adding images can be helpful at times. Times like when an author has an impressive mustache, or when the book in question is based on the author’s experience building a 50 foot emu out of Froot Loops…an image of that author protecting a half-constructed cereal-emu from flocks of birds might be just the thing to convince a buyer they need to buy a case of that title. Links to relevant videos, the author’s website or blog, etc. can be quite useful for your buyers as well.